Smart & Sustainable Land Use
Producing Exceptional Results

Independently owned farms and ranches deliver competitive advantage by leveraging data innovation and scale.

Crossroads AG


For more than two decades, Crossroads AG has been at the forefront of sustainable and efficient farming practices. We are on the ground and in the fields, operating from locally-based headquarters in Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico across 400,000 acres of land. Through our partnerships with area farmers, we harvest more than 1 million bushels of both wheat and milo annually for domestic sales and international export.

Working on the western edge of the region’s arable dryland, we utilize the latest in industry technology and data insights for maximum yield. From seed to harvest, we are pioneers in the implementation of dryland farming techniques, including the use of a land rotation system and drought-resistant crop varieties. 

Our methods have proved so successful that wheat and milo harvests in eastern Colorado now exceed the region’s grain elevator capacity, and the surplus must be piled on the ground at facilities operated by third parties. As part of the company’s integrated and efficient operations in the region, these facilities are served by the Soloviev Group’s Colorado Pacific Railroad.

The Soloviev Group also produces crops such as corn, alfalfa hay, and specialty food on irrigated land, partially using organic farming practices.

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Dedicated to the production of high-quality beef, our ranching division is located on 300,000 acres in eastern New Mexico. We operate the Quintin City Ranch (QCR) under the region’s established SS brand. Stringent standards are upheld through rigorous breeding stock selection, health and nutrition regimens, and genomics. The use of animal pharmaceuticals is kept to a minimum. The 5,000-head herd of primarily Angus and horned Hereford cattle includes 160 bulls and produces over 1.5 million pounds of live beef annually.

Grain Storage & Merchandising

Grain Storage
& Merchandising


Crossroads Agriculture’s twin distribution hubs enable efficient and fast grain distribution. Our Astor, Kansas, facility, providing Class I interchange points, is served by Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad. Our Kit Carson, Colorado, facility is served by Union Pacific. Future projects include a large-scale grain storage and merchandising elevator to aggregate grain from area farmers and provide a highly competitive alternative to similar facilities to the east.

Weskan Grain 

Meeting Increased Output with Superior Storage & Transport

With production levels now exceeding the capacity of existing grain elevators in the territory, the Soloviev Group is constructing a grain elevator near Sheridan Lake, Colorado, to meet the increased need. The planning and design of the facility prioritized the selection of a strategic location and the ability to offer reduced load times, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service to area farmers. 

Weskan Grain will have a storage capacity of 4.5 million bushels and be capable of loading grain trains up to 120 railroad cars in length. The facility will be capable of receiving 65 trucks per hour during the peak harvest season, and over 50 trucks per hour during the offseason, with room to expand. Large unit trains will be loaded in under 10 hours. 

The facility is located alongside the Group’s railroad, with connections on the west end to two major railroads. This allows for efficient movement of grain to export terminals in the west coast and Texas as well as domestic demand.

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